Busy week ahead – planning for half term

I’m having some downtime right now. Not that the last week has been particularly busy. I’ve mostly been chilling out and getting stuff sorted. 

I spent today with my best friend Natalie. We popped into town to do a few things that she needed to get done and then we went to Tesco and she helped me do my big shop to get ready for having the kids from tomorrow morning and all of next week. It was a real help having her around to help me. We managed to get everything I needed for my budget – £29. Money is a bit tight at the moment. I have enough to cover my bills but I have to get by until probably the end of April when I will get my first pay check from my new job. 

So this afternoon/evening I’m just chilling, watching TV. I put a wash on – including Lala’s bedding which will be ready for tomorrow. But the rest of the evening I will be chilling out. Maybe cook myself something nice for dinner. I’m thinking jacket potatoes with bacon, mushrooms and cheese…. Hmmm yeah that’s what I’ll have. 

The kids are being dropped round tomorrow morning. Then I have them all of next week. It’s going to be nice to have them at home during half term although I don’t doubt they will drive me slightly crazy!!! I’ve got a few nice things planned. And when I don’t have anything planned maybe just get the paints out or do some baking or something. 

Then they will have back the following Friday and I’ll have the weekend to myself before I start my new job. 

Im very excited! 

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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