I have a new job, being on the radio & gardening

I have a job! I found out on Wednesday but have been busy and a bit rubbish with regards to updating my blog.

I got the contract over the weekend and I start on the 4th April. I’m very excited. It’s a load off my mind knowing I have something sorted. But its not just “something”. I’m actually really excited about what I’ll be doing. For the first time in years!

So in the meantime, I have two more weeks off before I go back to work. I have opted to not temp and to actually take the time off to relax and unwind. The kids are at their dad’s this week and so I’m a lady of leisure. But next week (from Friday really) it will be easter holidays and I will have the whole week with them. I need to plan some things to do with them. Any ideas of cheap or free things that I can do with them…. please do let me know.

In other news, I have just been on the radio (Radio London) talking to Eddie Nestor. This time about nappies. This is about the 4th time now. I think they need to start paying me (kidding!).

I spent the day today helping my parents with some gardening. Mostly I just raked up leaves off the garden and tennis court and wheeled the wheel barrow to their driveway where I chucked the leaves over the edge. I did 3 hours of that and they gave me some money for helping them out. Then they took me out to lunch and I had a lovely lasagna with garlic bread. I really enjoyed it – the work, but also the lunch. I’m not going to need to cook myself dinner tonight! Which is good as I don’t have much food in the fridge – although now I have a bit of money to buy some!

I feel bad that I’ve not been blogging. But should I? I’ve just been living life and sometimes life has to take over from spending time writing about it, doesn’t it? Although I would like to get back into the habit of blogging regularly. Especially in the next 2 weeks when I will have the time to do it!

Tips on getting your blogging mojo back also most welcome!

One Thought on “I have a new job, being on the radio & gardening

  1. I know you have breathed a sigh of relief but me too! As you said though, you’ll always find something. So happy that you are excited about your new role and keep on enjoying life. The blog and your readers are always here x

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