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A good friend of mine Adam has found himself on hard times and so I wanted to support him as much as I can by sharing his blog Bob The Cloud – Living with Depression and his Go Fund Me site.

Having suffered from depression myself, I wanted to share Adam’s struggles in the hopes that someone out there might read this and decide to donate to his cause. I will be doing so as soon as I know whether or not I got this job – until then I need to keep any spare funds in case I don’t find something straight away so I can cover my bills and mortgage.

A Little About Adam

I met Adam through a mutual friend at a local pub and we became good friends. Adam is an amazing guy who has suffered terrible depression due in part to having a very difficult (understatement) childhood – including violence, being in and out of foster care from the age of 6 until 17, caring for his ill mother who died when he was 19. Basically, he has been through things I can only imagine and I have so much love and respect for him. I’ve suffered depression myself but my problems pale in comparison with what he’s been through. He is so strong but as with most sufferers of mental health illnesses, he doesn’t realise it so I wanted to get the word out there. Please help me in supporting him – either by donating on his Go Fund Me page or just following and commenting on his incredibly honest and heartfelt blog.

Adam attempted suicide a year ago next month and thankfully (although he admits he wasn’t thankful at the time) he was found and saved by some friends. Since then he has been battling to get better, but due to his suicide attempt he was suspended from his training at the college where he was studying for his ordination in the Church of England (this would have been his fourth and final year). This resulted in him having to move to a new home and moving his studies to Newman University in Birmingham but he is struggling to pay the costs of living and studying.

This is why he has set up the Go Fund Me page to help raise enough money to pay for his living costs, bills, counselling and medical support for his depression.

Here is Adam’s bio on his blog:

Thirty something man who is trying to learn to live with severe recurring depression. Anxiety and PTSD. I enjoy going for long walks, looking after my animals and spending time with friends.

I am a struggling theologian and imperfect Christian completing my BA theology degree at Newman University in Birmingham.

Formerly a Church of England Ordinand (my studies suspended because of my depression and subsequent suicide attempt.) Awaiting the time when the Church national and regional will learn to understand mental health better, and the blessing that those who have ill mental health can be to the church and that our vocations are just as valid.

I now work as a Church Development Worker, reimagining an existing parish as it seeks to find relevance in the mission field in which it now finds itself. This involves community engagement, building maintenance and grant writing.

Here is his info from his Go Fund Me page:

I’m Adam, 34 Living and Studying in Birmingham UK.

I am raising money to help me to continue in Education I am currently in my second year of my BA single honours Theology degree at Newman University.

Until March 2015 I was in my third year of formational training for ordination in the Church of England. I was expecting this to be my fourth and final year.

Early on in my training my mental health deteriorated and I was refered for Psychotherapy. However due to a set of unforseen circumstances. The Death of my Dog, Giving a witness statement about abuse and struggling with my academic work the college I was attending suggested that I might not continue studying there.
These set of circumstances unfortunately meant my medication stopped working. I got severely depressed and at the end of March I attempted suicide by hanging.
Fortunately I was found by some good friends and taken to Hospital. I was referred to a clinical psychiatrist who was able to diagnose me with Severe Recurring Depressive Disorder, PTSD and Anxiety. All of which had been underlying since childhood. And had been caused in childhood by Neglect and abuse from an early age.

Unfortunately because of my suicide attempt my training was suspended for potentially three years and I could not continue at my college. Despite medical advice which suggested three months off would help me to be in a better place emtionally to continue my studies. But it was decided by the church that the suspension would stand.

I had to move, find a home and work out what to do next. So I decided to take the credits I had attained at the college and take them to Newman University in Birmingham so I could resume my studies this september. Unfortunately having been in training for three years and living off a church grant I hadn’t really been able to save any money. I am in receipt of a student loan which helps cver basic costs. However I am currently running a defecit of just over £900 a month.

The Money raised will help me to pay living costs. Rent, Utillities, Insurance and counselling and medical support for my Depression.

I need to start raising funds as soon as possible as the worry of not being able to make ends meet terrifies me and feeds my anxiety and depression.

This would mean so much to me, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would be studying at University. I came from a broken home in which I had witnessed and been victim of domestic violence. I had been in and out of Foster care from the age of 6 til 17 and then became carer for my ill mother until she died when I was 19.

I have tried so hard to keep on going, to battle on. But none of us can do it on our own which is why I am appealing for help. So that I can fulfill my potential whilst also healing the scars of a traumatic life. Any help given will be gratefully received.

If Adam’s story touches you, please support him in whatever way you can. Thank you for reading. x


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