Why I’ve handed my notice in without anywhere else to go

So I had an interview yesterday and I haven’t yet updated you on how it went. It went really really well. Got a really good feel for the job (something that is much more me) and the people who all seemed really nice – not that the people where I am aren’t nice, but they seemed more MY kind of people. I was in there an hour and 15 minutes and they fed back to the agency that they thought I was great and today I’ve heard that, while they still need to interview other people, I am their favourite. So I just have to keep everything crossed and hope that in a week or so I might get an offer.

But I haven’t explained why I’m leaving my current job.

I have blogged before about being very unhappy in my current role – although I probably deleted the posts when I found out that a couple of people had discovered my blog (I guess it’s not that hard to find me when you put my name and blog into a Google Search***). The work wasn’t what I thought it would be… well, maybe it was, but maybe I just took the job because it was so local and I would get Friday afternoons off to spend with the kids. Which was very important at the time, and still is, but my happiness in work is more important. I couldn’t just carry on going into work, wishing I wasn’t there, hating the job and feeling totally unmotivated, for months on end all for the sake of convenience and having an afternoon off with the kids.

Things came to a head last week and I ended up spilling how unhappy I was to the HR lady. I just couldn’t hold it back anymore. So I told her. And then I emailed my boss the next day (tried to call him but he was on a plane) as I didn’t want to hide anything from anyone. Monday morning this week, we sat down and had a chat and I agreed it would be best if I formally handed in my notice.

I am a little nervous about such a big step when I don’t have anything else to go to but on the other hand, I know from past experience that I have never found it difficult to find a job and I can always temp in the meantime while I find something more long term. I think I have enough faith in myself to know that I’ll be alright. Plus I have some money put aside from various things that I know if I have a few days or a week without pay I should be able to at least pay the bills.

So I had a phone call pretty much the same day I announced to HR that I was unhappy, about this job that I recently went to an interview for. It seemed perfect! Its something I’ve done before and really enjoyed. Its focussing on my data analytical skills which is something I have decided I want to go more into and away from the administrator/project co-ordinator role and its local and in an IT firm! What could be more perfect. So I had the phone interview on Friday afternoon and then an in-person interview on Wednesday morning. They seemed really nice. I got to hear more about the job, which I am very excited about, and THEY HAVE STARBUCKS ONSITE!!!!!


So that’s pretty much what’s going on now!

Please keep everything crossed for me. I hope to hear end of next week at the latest.


***I really should stop telling people at work that I write a blog

2 Thoughts on “Why I’ve handed my notice in without anywhere else to go

  1. Good luck! I’d love to hand my notice in, but just not brave enough until I’ve something else lined up!

  2. It sounds like you did the right thing handing your notice in…
    Wishing you the best of luck for the new job….It sounds like the interviews went great.

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