Valentines Day – do I care?


So Valentines day is nearly upon us. I am definitely not feeling as down about it as I was last year.

Last year, it was a bit of a washout. I was still living with my ex at that point in a pretty difficult situation. The separation was still very raw and it felt incredibly painful to be on my own (mentally if not physically) on Valentines day. I know its just a Hallmark holiday but I was always a fan of being treated to flowers, chocolates and a card and maybe getting breakfast in bed. And it is quite a shock when you find yourself alone on your first Valentines day for 20 years.

This year I feel differently. Maybe it is the fact that a year has passed and those very raw feelings have mellowed. Maybe it is that I am okay being alone now. Maybe it is the fact that I have more confidence in myself and I’m surrounded by wonderful friends and I have a good relationship with my ex – yes, we’ve had a bumpy ride and hit some obstacles but overall we’re good.

Maybe I’ll feel differently on the day, but I intend to treat myself to some flowers, chocolates and maybe even write myself a card! To tell myself how proud I am of myself. Just because I don’t have a man that wants to spoil me, it doesn’t make me worth any less.

I hope your Valentines Day will be a nice one, whether you have a partner or are on your own.

Much love.





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