I’m so shameless!

Well, I wrote a post about Matched Betting which is a researched method of making money out of bookies. It is well researched and I listed articles in well-known newspapers which talk about the method. This was not a post I was paid for. I tried the method out myself for about a week and a half and made £200. I’m not lying and I’m not shameless. Well, maybe I am. I’m not ashamed of that fact.

So I received this comment:

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Thanks Mark, whoever the fuck you are.

As for the rest of my life. Here is a message for those of you who read my blog because they want a snoop and want a chance to judge me and the things that I do and write about in my life.

Do you know what? I don’t care what you think of me!!! I am living my life how I want to live it. My kids are clean, fed, clothed while they are with me. So what if I’m dabbling in different ways to earn a living other than going to a dull as dishwater job every bloody day! Who wouldn’t want to find a way out of something that makes them miserable. If you think what I wrote in my last post is a scam, go away and post some news articles calling it out. Find me some proof.

And how dare you call me shameful!!!! What have I done in my life that is shameful? There are a few things that I regret doing. That bloody news article. Yes, I regret that. It was a bad decision but it was a decision that BOTH OF US took. So I’m not sure exactly which bit of my life you think is shameful!! Is it how I’m there for my friends when they need me? Is it how I spend the last of my week’s money taking the kids out to the cinema or for a treat to the toy shop!!???? Is that it? Or maybe its the fact that every now and then I sleep with someone – now that I’m a single woman I didn’t realise there was shame in that! Maybe its the fact that I go out looking good and have a bloody good time with my girlfriends when the kids are at their dad’s. Maybe that’s it. Maybe I shouldn’t be enjoying myself. Maybe that is your problem.

Anyway, Please do comment because I am absolutely waiting for your intelligent well thought out input into my life. Can you notice the sarcasm?

Should I maybe not feed the troll? Should I maybe remove my last post or remove the offending comment? No. Why the hell should I! A) I’m not doing anything wrong in posting that post. Some people might think it is dodgy but I’ve tried it and I know it isn’t so you can have your opinion but there is no need to be vile and judge me and my life. B) Trolls WANT you to be silenced and scared to talk out or be trembling in a corner worried that everyone feels the same way that they do. But you know what? I’m not scared. And I’m not fucking trembling in a corner.

I’m fucking taking control of my life for the first time in YEARS! And I’m not going to be shut up by some pimpled twat sending abusive messages from his mum’s computer (by the way, if I’m wrong about the pimples “Mark”, I do apologise!).










6 Thoughts on “I’m so shameless!

  1. I apologise for the amount of swearing in this post. It felt necessary though.

  2. I would also like to add that I haven’t posted many “real” posts lately because I’ve had so much going on lately. Matched betting being one of them. I do plan to get back on the blogging horse properly soon. Other than to rant about trolls that is.

  3. Charlie on February 5, 2016 at 22:54 said:

    With you all the way honey ! You’re amazing and you’re doing great xxx

  4. Don’t forget Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned……x

  5. Gemma on February 6, 2016 at 13:43 said:

    Please don’t take this the wrong way because it is in no way intended to cause offence.

    I’ve been reading since well before the split and I totally get that the tone was bound to change but I started reading to hear about you, your life. Recently it seems to have been a lot of sponsored posts, forever living and now matched betting along with complaining about your job.

    I don’t mind hearing about the job woes, the kid exhaustion, the horror of the split or how you’re adjusting. But you built a following as Mum in a Hurry, not a money spinning top.

    I appreciate the honesty of your normal posts but if you are going to continue to only post about money spinning then you’re going to lose I would imagine a large number of readers who aren’t part of the demographic you’re now appealing to.

    Again please don’t take offence. But it may, or may not be something you’d like to think about.

    • Hi there. I do appreciate your thoughts and they are very nicely put.

      I can see how because I have been writing less about my life, when I get books through that I have to review or I get a sponsored post opportunity it looks like that’s all my blog is about. I also know that when I have followed blogs like that I’ve been put off so I will have a good think about what you have said.

      With regards the matched betting post, the guy who introduced me to it asked me to put the guest post up for him. And he has been so helpful that I didn’t want to say no although I was a little dubious that my readers would appreciate it.

      With regards to books and things, (reviews) I feel overwhelmed by the amount of reviews that I still have outstanding and so maybe I should take the decision to accept less (although when it is books for the kids I find it hard to resist as they do love their books and money is tight).

      Thank you for your comments. I really don’t want my demographic to change. I like the idea of appealing to people like me but lately I’ve had so much going on I haven’t had the time or energy to write about it. And also I don’t feel I can write too in depth about how things are going with my ex etc because he doesn’t like me writing about him. So in some ways I feel like I’m stuck. The things I really want to write about, I can’t.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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