Why do I write this blog?

I’ve been rather rubbish at updating my blog lately. Part of this is due to my new business which is taking up a lot of my spare time – in a good way – and part of it is that I feel I’ve lost my mojo, my reason why I was doing it. I’m also bogged down with reviews that I haven’t done and that is something which kind of scares me away from even going onto my blog admin page.

Why did I used to write?

I used it as an outlet. I wrote all about the pain of separation and how that made me feel. I’m mostly okay with all of that now. Its been over a year since we split up and it will be a year in April from when I moved out. There are still some issues I’m facing but I have been holding back from writing about some of that due to respect for my ex’s privacy and also because I don’t necessarily want opinions or maybe I don’t even want my readers knowing about some of it.

I used it as a way of recording nice days out – well, I’ve got a bit lazy on that front and rarely bother to upload pics and then write them all up. I guess I’m too busy just living life sometimes to want to type it all out. I do try to remember to post on Instagram every now and then – so you can check that if you want to see what I’ve been getting up to.

So why do I want to continue this blog?

I guess while I’m okay with sometimes letting my blog go to the back burner of my list of priorities, at the same time I know I can’t let it go. I need it to be there in case I need it the next time I’m going through a rough stage that isn’t directly related to my ex or isn’t related to work (as some work colleagues found out about my blog so I have to be careful what I say). I hate that – to have to be careful in what I say because that was the whole point of the blog (to be able to express myself in my own little corner of the internet) but then I suppose that’s life – you can’t always say what you want where you want in case the wrong ears here it and you get into trouble.

So I’m sorry if it appears very clear that I’ve lost my mojo. I’m sure it will pick up soon.


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  1. Mines gone missing too! living life is more important x

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