Trying Tinder. Again

After reading this incredibly funny account of one girl’s plan to do 30 Tinder Dates in 30 Days, I have decided to give Tinder another proper shot.

I have to say the idea of doing 30 dates in 30 days sounds absolutely exhausting and I will not be attempting anything like this. However, I do need to get out there a bit more. How can I complain that I never meet anyone when I never meet anyone!

So I’ve delved back into Tinder on my lunchbreak and when work finishes. I’ve chatted to a few hopefuls and there is one in particular that seems to be quite promising. However, I have a few problems with Tinder:

  • A lot of guys will match with you but never message you or if I message them, they never reply. What’s with that?
  • I struggle finding things to say in the space of a few seconds to respond to a how are you message and so a lot of the messages are not particularly captivating because I’m just not invested enough to sit down and compose a scintillating response
  • I don’t get too many matches. Well, saying that, I’ve had 50 total but I can count on two¬†hands the number of guys that have actually taken the time to message me.

However, I’ve heard of people meeting their now loved ones on Tinder so I feel I should give it another chance.

Definitely check out the blog I mention above. Its very funny.

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  1. PLEASE be careful.,,,..

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