Saturday update

I haven’t been posting much in here. Partly is that I’ve started selling Forever Living stuff and its been a busy time.

Also as my friend pointed out to me the other day, I used this blog as an outlet for when I was feeling down and hurt and anything that was negative and I’m just not feeling that way lately, which is a good thing, I know but I don’t want that to mean that this blog goes down the drain because either I don’t have the incentive to write in it or don’t have the time.

I’ve read a lot of posts by bloggers saying they are giving up their blogs for various reasons and I really don’t want to go down that route. I do love this and who knows, I may “need” it in the future when things start going pear shaped again or I have love troubles (oh how I’d love to have love troubles right now. Love of any sort would be nice but I guess I have to be patient on that front).

So this is just a post to check in and say “hi”. I am still here. I am horribly behind on reviews so you can be expecting a few of those from me and I’ll also be blogging about my Forever Living business but I will try not to bombard you, dear readers (or reader – who knows really).

So from now on I’m going to try to blog on here a little more often. Even if its just to tell you the drivel of my day. Today I did swimming with the kids – or rather just with Joshua as Lala has given up swimming for a while. We’re gonna try again with her in 6 months or so. Then we came home and I made them sandwiches. Then Lala did some painting – Josh didn’t seem that interested today. Then later in the afternoon I took them to Forest Lodge with my mother in law (or ex-mother in law, not really sure what I’m supposed to call her now) but it was lovely spending time with her and the kids enjoyed it too. Then on the way home we looked at a house near to my mother in law’s which is absolutely lit up and they collect for charity and encourage you to go into the front garden and look around. Then we went to Tescos to pick up essentials like chocolate spread (kids) and wine (me).

Now they are in bed and I’m still full of cold so I’m going to have a glass of wine and watch a bit more of the Walking Dead. Sorry Nat, I just can’t wait for you to come and watch it with me. I’m too addicted!!!

My best to anyone reading this. Merry Christmas.


3 Thoughts on “Saturday update

  1. Happy christmas! Happy to read that you are feeling good and look forward to hearing about forever living venture 🙂 I always like checking in on your blog as you are very open and honest, it’s refreshing! X

  2. roy denney on December 19, 2015 at 21:00 said:

    Hope you have a happy Christmas Abi……

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