A nice relaxing bath to chase away my anxiety #foreverliving

I’ve been feeling really frustrated and anxious tonight. I don’t really know why. I’m tired. The kids were a little difficult tonight, the flat was a mess (still is)… I tried to get on top of it but then I gave up as it just seemed pointless! However, while tidying up the kitchen table I did find this little note from my wife (my best friend – she may as well be my wife, she’s round often enough! x). How incredibly lovely (it took me 2 days to see it though!!!):

It did cheer me up but I still felt pretty bad and it didn’t help matters that this little sod seemed intent on biting me hard every time he got near me:

Honestly, you would think butter wouldn’t melt, wouldn’t you? He has an evil streak, I’m telling you!

I knew my mood wasn’t going to get any better by sitting and watching TV so I decided to go do something constructive and relaxing at the same time. I had a very hot bath and started reading the book I got in my Forever Living business pack called “Aloe Vera – The Medicine Plant” by Dr Peter Atherton. A bit of light reading. It’s quite interesting actually – research for my new business as a Forever Living consultant.

I do feel a lot better after my bath and reading. More relaxed. Less stressy. I should do that more often.

That’s it for now as I’m shattered. Oh, one more quick thing. If you want to take a look at my online shop click here.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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