Happiness Moments

I’m having a bit of a crap time at the moment if I’m honest but a few things have cheered me up and reminded me of the important things in life.
The first one occurred as I was driving home yesterday from picking the kids up from my parents’ house. We were quite late leaving as when I arrived at 5.45pm they hadn’t had their dinner yet, so I sat down and had a cup of tea while they had their dinner. By the time we were ready to leave it must have been around half 6.
I was at the main traffic lights and noticed that the Christmas Lights were up. So I pointed it out to the kids and they were so excited that I decided that we should drive through town (down one end, then turn around to drive back again – not the way I would normally go home but it was worth the delay). They were so excited and happy and I felt a real warmth in my soul. It was a proper moment of happiness and it almost had me crying (but smiling at the same time).
Then once we’d done the rounds, I drove home and did the bedtime routine. The second moment came around 9pm when I was practicing guitar. Joshua, who still wasn’t asleep, came out because he heard me playing guitar and singing. I said he could shut the living room door if he wanted, if I was disturbing him. He went back to his room, but then came back and pushed the living room door open again. Then went back to bed. I finished up my practice session and was going to make myself a drink when I saw his bedroom door was open. I went in and asked if he was alright and why his bedroom door was open and he said “because I like your singing mummy”. My heart just melted. Bam. Another happiness moment. It left me feeling all warm inside.
Just thought I would write about that as its nice to share this stuff but also to remind myself that life isn’t all bad.

2 Thoughts on “Happiness Moments

  1. That is so sweet. Kids can say the right things at the right time to turn us to mush!

  2. Ah this is so sweet x

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