Book Review: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass @GMC_D

alice in wonderland

I was sent this amazing book last month. I wrapped it up and gave it to my son for his birthday while we were in Spain.

I started reading it to both of them every night, a chapter a night and I’ve just found it an absolute pleasure to read and my son has been captivated by it. We are currently up to the croquet with the Queen chapter. I must have read the story (or maybe I watched a movie of it) because it all rings a bell. The language is different to today’s stories and I’ve found it a challenge sometimes to get the words out (and with so much reading out loud I get a sore throat), but Joshua doesn’t seem to have any problems understanding it and I love reading to them. It feels different to just reading a bedtime story. I remember my mum reading Watership Down to myself and my sister when we were little and I loved it – couldn’t wait for the next chapter the next night.

I really can recommend this book. The pictures are lovely and the bound book with its gilt edging makes it a pleasure to simply hold this book.


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