Contemplating giving up on love and romance and some other things

I was out last night with friends in Guildford and I had hoped to bump into a guy who got chatting to me the weekend before. It didn’t happen though and while I looked around hoping to see someone who looked nice, all I saw were drunken idiots and “kids” in their twenties. I got come onto by a 21 year old vet, a 25 year old who, while being very cute, was clearly just a player (he started dancing with me). And overall in the man-steaks it was just a disaster – apart from the people I actually went out with – a friend and her two male friends, who were all very nice.

I’m also feeling fairly shit about a lot of other things too. I can’t say what but it’s left me feeling, yet again, like I’m somehow a failure at life, love and friendships. Not sure exactly what I’ve done wrong – what I’ve done to deserve this.

Yeah, I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself right now.

Life sucks.

One Thought on “Contemplating giving up on love and romance and some other things

  1. Don’t look and it will find you ….

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