Learning to Believe…. New tagline and song lyrics

Last night I had my guitar lesson with my good friend and teacher Mikey. We were struggling with Radiohead Creep for most of the lesson but at the end he asked if I wanted to have another go at my song (I put together the chords but had not yet written any lyrics). I asked Mikey about how to go about putting the words together and he gave me some ideas and advise about how I could make a start. As soon as he left, I got my notepad out and made a start. I played the chords and had a think about what I wanted my song to be about. When we were outside having a cigarette before Mikey left I asked him about my blog timeline and what I should have instead of “blogging about life, work, kids and stuff”. And I asked him what he thought of “Learning to Believe” and he said he liked it. And I thought “why not call the song that”. So that’s what I’ve done. The song is called “Learning to Believe” and these are the lyrics so far:

I was crawling in the darkness
No light to find my way
I couldn’t see a way out of there
I was frozen, broken

Then I started to believe again
Slowly found myself

Found the me that I used to be
I was thawing, mending

I hope you like them. Let me know what you think….


Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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