Holidaying without children

There has been some research by My Voucher Codes recently that says that 22% of parents would like to go on holiday without their kids. I actually think it is a lot more but that most wouldn’t say so. Lets face it, all of us parents day dream about those pre-children holidays where you could do what you liked when you liked – you could party all night, lie in until 12 (or later), sunbathe all day – basically do whatever took your fancy. After you have children, holidays don’t quite resemble the relaxing, exciting experiences that they used to. Don’t get me wrong. I love my holidays with my kids – I love looking at the photos of them having the time of their little lives, but a small part of me, while I’m there, just wishes I could relax and not be confined by mummy-hood.

But the question is, no matter how much we daydream, would we actually do it? My kids are still quite young (4 and 6) and so, at least until I separated from their dad, I wouldn’t have considered going on holiday without the kids. However, now that we are separated, it is inevitable that both of us will end up spending up to a week without the children when the other parent takes them away. During normal weeks I don’t go more than a couple of days without seeing them – even when they are at their dad’s, I see them most evenings and he seems them most mornings when they are me as he works from home and is able to take them to school/childminder at a more reasonable time than when I have to leave for work. However, I am taking them to Spain for a week in October, so Ben will not see them then and Ben is taking them camping in August so that is a week when I won’t see them either. We plan to do FaceTime or Skype so that we both get to see them a bit during those weeks, but I still think it will be a bit odd. The longest I have spent without them is when Ben and I went to Glastonbury for four days a couple of years ago. Then another time we went to Prague for a romantic weekend. So I could foresee that if Ben was taking them away for a week, I could justifiably use the time to have a lovely child-free holiday. This is of course assuming I had holiday allowance and the funds to take a totally self-indulgent break – both of which are extremely unlikely at the moment. So for now I will keep dreaming.

The research also shows that 62% of childless respondents wanted to stay somewhere that did not allow children. I can’t say I blame them. When you don’t have children of your own, why would you want to be surrounded by other people’s. More power to them, that’s what I say.

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