Latitude Festival

Well, I had completely forgotten how Latitude Festival has very little phone signal and NO 3 or 4G. So I wasn’t able to blog as I went along. Not that I really had time to do that anyway.

I had a really lovely time. We all did. By the drive home I really felt like if shed some if not all of my bitterness towards Ben and GF and the situation. We were just three people and two children enjoying the festival. I enjoyed their company and (hopefully they enjoyed mine). We were a family. A bit of a bizarre family. But a family nonetheless. The children really enjoyed themselves too. It’s been tricky getting them back into a normal bedtime routine as they’ve been so used to staying up late.

Here are some of my favourite moments of Latitude Festival 2015:

  • Getting Lala her fairy dress and seeing how cute she looked in it and how much she loved wearing it
  • Watching Lala do her bum-wiggling dance and seeing other people chuckling at it
  • Listening to bands with Joshua and him suddenly saying “I know this one mummy”
  • Staying up until 3am with Ben chatting and listening to music on my iPhone which was totally on form playing excellent music
  • Meeting the lovely Louisa and her friends on the Friday night and spending the rest of the night dancing to Guilty Pleasures with them
  • Going on the Big Wheel and then the Helter Skelter with Lala
  • Listening to Portishead, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (including some Oasis songs), and The Manic Street Preachers (although I did get a bit sad during their set as it reminded me of my youth, mostly spent with Ben)
  • Watching the kids doing a song/dance routine while we were packing up

Also I did a good deed. Lala found an iPhone 6 on the grass on Sunday night. I charged it and the next day someone rang it and I arranged to post it back to the owner on Tuesday. Good deed for the weekend done!

So here are some of my favourite photos from the festival.




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