I’ve got myself a kitten

I’ve got myself a kitten. I’ve been thinking about the idea of getting a kitten for months – I even wanted one back when I lived with Ben but we couldn’t because a) Ben’s GF is allergic and b) the road we lived on was too busy.

So on Monday evening I saw a request pop up on a local selling site that I manage (I had to set it so that people have to request approval before their posts go to the page because the site was getting flooded with things unrelated to actually selling THINGS – business requests and the like). Anyway, I saw this request and immediately thought….. I might get one. So I sent the lady a message inquiring about them.

Last night I went to see them after seeing the kids, borrowing a cat box from Ben, and then getting weighed at Weight Watchers (I lost half a pound – probably the same half a pound that I put on last week). I got there and they brought him out to me. He is sooooooo little and cute. I’ve decided to call him Teddy. I got him home and let him out of his box. We had some stroking time and some cuddles and I think he is really starting to warm to me. He had a bit to eat. Didn’t drink any of the water that I put down so need to keep an eye on that. But before bed, I got him to have a bit more food and then put him on his litter tray and he did a wee. I was such a proud mummy! He did another one this morning before I left so I’m hopeful that he is now happy to do his business in the tray.

I’m so excited to have a little friend to keep me company when I don’t have the kids – and also when I do (when they are in bed).

Here are a few pictures:

3 Thoughts on “I’ve got myself a kitten

  1. Roy on July 1, 2015 at 13:00 said:

    Very nice and it will be company for you and…..I did restrain my self …. Lol

  2. I love Teddy! He’s so cute. Enjoy xxx

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