I am proud to announce my sponsor for #britmumslive MagiKats @magikatsltd

I am very excited to announce that I am being sponsored to go to Brit Mums Live by MagiKats Maths & English. MagiKats have paid for half my hotel room (I’m sharing with the lovely Hannah from Hannah Spannah Coco Banana) and given me a little extra for my dinner on Friday evening.

MagiKats are a locally conceived business working with kids aged between five and sixteen years old on their National Curriculum Maths and English. MagiKats works on two levels: firstly, the workshops and secondly the homework. Kids go to workshops to be taught school topics in small groups, each group with its own tutor, using a combination of worksheets and hands-on activities. Not a computer in sight. The homework is there to build fluency and confidence on core skills. MagiKats also covers entrance exams, SATs and GCSEs and stays up to date with the National Curriculum changes.

MagiKats was founded by the Lomas Family from Farnham in 2004 and is now franchised out to the UK and has some international centres.

I feel very proud to be sponsored by MagiKats, especially as I have known Emma (the daughter of the founders) since I was 17 and she has been a great friend to me, particularly in the last 6 months since my marriage breakup.

So please do go and check out their website or follow them on Twitter.

4 Thoughts on “I am proud to announce my sponsor for #britmumslive MagiKats @magikatsltd

  1. Thanks Abs, hope you have a great time!

  2. Great news. They look like a great company- I’ll go take a look

  3. Looking forward to meeting you x

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