Ex is at a festival and I’m struggling

I’m not struggling as a parent, I’d just like that known. I’m actually coping well and loving having my kids here.

Ben has now been at his festival since yesterday morning and now photos have started coming in on Facebook – him and her happy enjoying their festival together.
I’m finding this difficult. Seeing those pictures. I have removed the notification I get when he posts and also removed him from the newsfeed but I was tempted and took a peek and there were more than the initial one picture. Them sat together drinking around the camp. Sat huddled together taking selfies.
This is exactly what we used to do when we were younger, before the kids came along and I stopped going – well one of us had to and he wasn’t going to – and if I’m honest I didn’t miss it as much as I know he would have. We went to Glastonbury in 2013 together. This was my first festival since having the kids.
There are a tonne of photos out there of me and him enjoying festivals. We did it for years. Here is one such picture of us at Reading 2007. My last festival before the kids were born.
Reading 2007

4 Thoughts on “Ex is at a festival and I’m struggling

  1. Rosey on June 11, 2015 at 16:26 said:

    Hugs sweetheart. You’re being so strong xx

  2. Big hugs! It can’t be easy 🙁 stay strong and focused. You’re doing a great job xx

  3. big hugs , we are here for you

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