Nokia Lumia 530 Handset on Three Mobile Review

I was recently sent this Nokia Lumia 530 Handset on 3 Mobile to review. Being a bit of a technology addict, I of course jumped at the chance to be sent a free phone to try out. Who wouldn’t? Here you can see the package the phone came in:

As you can see from the photo below it is a bright orange one. I personally wouldn’t have picked this colour but I actually really like it. It’s bright and cheerful and is easy to find in my handbag.


Setting up the phone was pretty straight forward. I just followed the instructions and voila! The phone was ready for use.




Being a bit of an Apple Addict – I have an iPhone, a iPad Mini, a MacBook Air, and an iMac, I haven’t ever considered using a Windows Phone as it just never appealed to me. I’m happy with what I have and how it works. However, I did find the Windows Menu fairly easy to navigate around. I still prefer my iPhone though, if I’m honest.





The phone comes with particular apps pre-installed, like Facebook, Skype, OneDrive etc.


The Pay As You Go “with all-you-can-eat-data” costs £20 per month and is a one-month rolling contract. This is great for anyone with an irregular monthly income, someone self-employed or a student or even as a first phone for a teenager or child. It comes with 300 minutes, 3000 texts (really who is going to use more than 3000 texts) and unlimited 4G data. If you want to read more about Three’s SIM Only contract/PAYG options, go to their Sim Only Page.

I found that service where I live was pretty much the same as on my iPhone. Even though I’m in a town, for some reason, in my flat, the service has a habit of dropping off. I had the same thing with Three when I tested it out a couple of times. The phone itself is fairly basic (for instance the camera is only 5mp which in this day and age of super-duper smart phones, is not that good – but again you get what you pay for). Its not up to the spec of my iPhone but then you wouldn’t expect it to be for a phone that costs £50 to buy.

Overall, while the phone is not for me personally, its a pretty good little phone for someone looking for something to meet your basic phone and internet browsing needs. And the contract is perfect for someone who does not want to commit to more than a 1 month contract.


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  1. dan on May 31, 2015 at 17:32 said:

    Great review may get my daughter1

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