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I removed the previous post as my ex read it (told about it by a mutual friend apparently – nice to know we have little spies out there) and objected to details about him (and “his situation”) being written about, so I have taken it down.

I’m too fucking tired to argue about it anyway.

I take back nothing that I said. I stand by every word, but I will no longer discuss him or his arrangements directly.

I have to say tonight has been one of my worst nights since moving out. I think I may well have hit rock bottom. I’ve spent quite a lot of it crying – and no, not after sympathy, just stating a fact. I have felt very resentful and bitter tonight. Its gone midnight and I should have been asleep hours ago. *

*I would like to be clear that no alcohol has been consumed this evening. I’ve had one Becks Blue and lots of tea!

However, I do somehow feel like I’ve got it out of my system. I’ve had a chat with an old friend for the past half hour, I’ve got up and had a hot shower (the relaxing bath didn’t quite happen tonight) and I now feel refreshed and more ready to “do sleeping” as Lola from Charlie & Lola would say. I’ve popped my head round the kids door briefly to remind myself of the most important things in all this. Not me and my hurt pride, not him and whatever his issues are!

Tomorrow is going to be a better day (actually the day was fine – me and the kids had loads of fun). And I’m going to get on with getting on with the rest of my life.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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