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Lola Pug is an adorable story – written by Carina Lagnado and illustrated by Emily Colenso – about a family who live in the country near a farm who get a puppy. I was approached to review this book and I jumped at the chance because my kids are absolutely besotted by Pugs. We already have a book about Pugs which I reviewed here.

I like this story because in some ways it approaches the topic of bullying. The little pug dog, while loved by his family, is ridiculed by the other animals on the farm and people on the street.

I don’t want to give the story away but basically, the little pug dog wins everyone over just by being his cute little squashy nosed, curly tailed, funny self.

Its a very cute story and the drawings are really lovely too.

You can buy Lola Pug on Amazon here or follow the author on Twitter.

You can see how much my daughter likes the book as she fell asleep with it the other night, with the page open on the picture of the author’s pug, Lola.

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