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I’ve always felt that there were not enough games out there for girls. I used to love to play the Sims. I loved the freedom that you got to make your own people and direct their lives as you wanted. However, if you wanted something different, why not try a horse game.

I loved horses as a girl. I still do. And my daughter is the same as me. She is totally into My Little Ponies and she’s even been on a horse a couple of times when a friend of mine let her have a quick ride around the yard.

I recently discovered a Horse Game called Star Stable. It is a virtual horse-riding game where you get to explore the beautiful island of Jorvik with a horse of your own choosing. You also get to customise your own character as well as the horse. While exploring around the island you get to solve quests, run races and win prizes. You can also play online with your friends. It really is a cute game.

The game also addresses the worries of many parents allowing their kids to play online games. Star Stable has a page dedicated to parents where they list all the ways in which children are safeguarded while playing the game Рfor instance, all chat is moderated to ensure the rules of the game are followed (ie that no personal information is shared, that no profanities are used and that no inappropriate comments are made).

While I am not a fan of sticking my kids in front of gaming devices instead of doing something more productive, this could well be a solution for kids who really really really love horses and maybe even want one of their own. Its a cheaper solution than buying a horse, of course, and it can give kids the feeling that they are interacting with horses and getting a feel for riding.

There are also other similar riding games, such as: Lets Ride Champion’s Collection, My Horse Farm – Welcome to Trottersville and Riding Academy 1. So there is plenty of choice out there for you to choose from.

What are your kids’ favourite games to play?



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