Does a guy have the right to whack/smack someone on the bum?

So, Sunday night I went out with a girlfriend in Aldershot. We started at my local, then went onto Wetherspoons, then after there we wanted to find a bit of music so went to the George where there was a DJ playing a variety of music. We had a few drinks and chatted to various people. At one point I slipped over on some spilled beer on the floor. There was a guy with a beard and his mate sat on stools by the door. His mate (I think) helped me up but I’m sure beardy guy laughed at me. Other than that there was very little interaction between me and Beardy as I shall now call him. No flirting, no talking, barely even any eye contact.

At the end of the night (around midnight) the pub was closing and the bouncers were ushering people out. I was standing around people watching. Not doing anything in particular or talking to anyone. Just standing there. As Beardy went to leave, before he walked past me, he must have (I didn’t see it as I was facing towards the door) taken a proper swing and then smacked me with full force on the bum.

I was initially pretty shocked and just stood there but when I figured out what had happened I ran out after the guy and shouted something along the lines of “what the fuck do you think you were doing, come back here you coward”. He turned around and looked at me, then smirked and carried on walking.

The bouncers at the pub were really good. They got onto their walkie talkies and talked to the club where they thought they were going (Pop World) and stopped him from getting in. Then they asked me if I wanted to make a statement to the police, to which I said yes.

The police were there within a couple of minutes and took a brief statement from me while I was standing outside having a cigarette and then took me and my friend down to the police station to make a full statement.

I have to say the policeman that was dealing with me was brilliant. When he was out of the room I had a quick look (got my friend to look actually) to see if there was a mark and there wasn’t, but it still stang a bit. While taking my statement he asked a few things like had there been any interaction between me and Beardy in the pub – to which I answered no, other than when I slipped over.

He and we agreed that a) he had no right to do that, b) if that slap or hit had been on my face I would have been on the floor (and there probably would have been men and bouncers all over him within seconds) and c) I was right to make a statement as he needed to learn that he can’t go around behaving like that.

I don’t yet know what has happened between him and the police yet – they are going to call me when he’s been brought down to the station, but they have his details, they have witnesses and they have camera footage from the pub showing the whole thing.

Have you had anyone do this to you? Have you been assaulted by a completely random stranger while out on a night out?

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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