A walk around my flat

I will have been in my flat for 3 weeks tomorrow and I thought it was about time I did a post about my new place and show you around.

I’ll start with the hallway. I have an old bookshelf which belonged to my Grandmother and a shoe rack taken from my wardrobe back at the old house.



Here is my beloved sofa. I have a throw to put over it for when the kids are here but I love it how it looks without the throw. I also now have a couple of purple pillows which my mum bought for me. They go really nicely.

These are my Ikea shelves, brought from my office in our (now Ben’s) house. I think my glasses from House of Marbles – a wedding present from my dad’s best friend Bill from uni – look really nice in the top row.


Here I have added some sparkly lights I bought at Ikea.

Some nice New Home cards from friends:


Here is my desk. I’ve since tidied it but I need to find a filing solution as I don’t really have anywhere to put paperwork right now.



Another Picture of my living room:

My bedroom. I particularly love my bedding from The Range. The dress hanging up is from Monsoon and was an anniversary present. I am determined to get into it – it’s a size 12, so I have a little way to go.

My dressing table, looking rather cluttered already.

My shower room:


My kitchen:

The kids’ room – complete with sleeping children:


That’s it. I hope you liked your walk-around.



5 Thoughts on “A walk around my flat

  1. It’s a lovely little flat. I love your sofa and think you’ve done a good job to get so organised in such a little time. Keep going!

  2. emma on May 5, 2015 at 18:20 said:

    Think the kitchen may have snuck into the shower room…..! Looks really lovely!

  3. it’s gorgeous! i love your sofa!

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