Sunday 22nd March – afternoon in Chicago – Navy Pier & Lincoln Park Zoo

So after a bit of a rest in the hotel room after breakfast, and a bit of time for me and Ben to get organised, we headed out to make a visit to Navy Pier.

Having previously contacted the people who run Navy Pier they very kindly left us a little package of some voucher booklets and three free goes on the Ferris Wheel. So after a bit of a wander around the inside bits – the kids were transfixed by the shooting water in the green house area – we headed out to give the Ferris Wheel a try. Initially, Ben and Joshua weren’t going to go but Ben decided that he should really give it a go (he gets vertigo) and so we persuaded Joshua to go on as well. He wasn’t keen at all at first but in the end he loved it. He was less scared than Ben who at one point held onto Joshua’s hand so tight it hurt! I think you can see in this picture who is more scared!!!

Lala and I of course loved it! Lala definitely gets her daredevil tendencies from me. She kept saying “I like heights mummy”!

And you can’t fault the amazing view!!! Its a good job we got this done on Sunday as the following day, Monday, you wouldn’t have been able to see the skyline for the snow blizzard that was going on. But that’s another blog post!

After Navy Pier we headed to Lincoln Park Zoo, where we saw sea lions, a lion, a tiger, meercats, giraffes, a whole tonne of birds, monkeys and apes, hippos, lots of fish, vultures and storks, african wilddogs, an arkvark (actually we only saw his feet). We also went to a farm which is connected to the zoo I think where we saw cows and goats, and then spent some time in the play area of the farm where the kids got to sit in a tractor, play an interactive game learning about bees, saw some little chicks, and just generally ran around having a whale of a time (the kids that is).


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