Thinking about things on the plane

{written on Saturday in the plane}

Im drinking red wine and watching a movie called Gone Girl. It’s all about a couple who are basically falling apart. 

It’s making me think about me and Ben. And about Mr X who I may meet in the future. Let’s say it all goes great then one day it doesn’t. What if all relationships are doomed sooner or later. It’s really quite depressing. 

(Don’t worry. It improves). 

I’m now writing this on Monday and we are now on Route 66 enroute to Springfield Ilinois. Things have definitely improved. I was feeling very low on the plane. I don’t know if it was because I had a couple of glasses of red wine but I was feeling very down about me and Ben and the fact that I have to keep reminding myself that it’s over. And yet we’re going on holiday together. My mind was struggling to cope with it at that time. Things are better now. 

Will write up our visit to Chicago in another post. 

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