Saturday 21st March: The flight & our first morning in Chicago

I know I wrote a little about my state of mind on the flight in my last post but there was a lot of good about it. First of all there was the lovely little gift of a glass of bubbly and a little packet of Hotel Chocolat chocolate given to myself and my husband by my friend who was working on the flight (coincidence I know – and a lovely one at that).

Apart from the way I was feeling – possibly caused by the red wine which I had drunk before the flight in the Wetherspoons and the mini bottle I had at the start of the flight – the flight was pretty good. The kids were mostly well behaved. Lala started to get very very tired towards the end and couldn’t get comfy to have a sleep. They both happily either played with tablets or watched in-flight movies. I watched two movies and started watching a third – I only stopped because I broke my earphones (luckily I’d brought a second pair but I couldn’t get to it at that point).

When we got off the flight at Chicago we had a pretty long wait to get through the Esters queue (US version of a visa I think) and then airport security/passport control. And the kids were very tired and acting up a little but that’s to be expected really. Then we went to try to get a taxi. Ben wanted to use this service called Uber but he couldn’t get 3G on his phone to work so he went inside to MacDonalds to get the kids some food and drink while he tried to sort it out. We waited out in the cold by the taxi rank. At first I was happy to be outside as I was gasping for a cigarrette and the kids seemed happy running around for a bit (behind the safety barrier) but after a while they were starting to be a bit overexcited/overtired and Ben seemed to be taking ages and I kept looking at taxis coming and going and thinking “Why can’t we just get in one”. In the end he came out and we both agreed to just get a taxi. The very friendly people at the taxi rank grabbed us the biggest one they could find and we hopped in. Lala fell asleep after just a few minutes and Joshua took a little longer but wasn’t far behind her. By the time we got to the hotel they were both zedding away.

The next morning after a bit of a sleep (the kids were up stupidly early and had to be persuaded to go back to sleep for a bit), we went out to find some breakfast. We were recommended a diner called Eggys Diner which was just a 5 minute walk from the hotel. I had a stack of pancakes. In fact we all had pancakes. Ben had bacon, eggs and two pancakes. Oh my god were they good:

I can highly recommend Eggy’s. That breakfast was like medicine for a tired mind and body. I have to apologise to the staff though for the mess my children made in there. Lala managed to knock over her entire plate (we saved the two pancakes that were left- 5 second rule). Then she knocked over the pancake syrup. And they just generally caused havoc and didn’t behave as well as we’d like them too. There were stern words had outside! Then we let them run off some energy in a nearby park.

To give you a bit of an idea of timings, the flight was on Saturday, our breakfast in Eggy’s was on Sunday morning (US time).

I’ll write up the rest of our Chicago trip in a couple of other posts. I don’t feel like I can fit it all into one post. So…. to be continued!

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