I have exchanged!!!

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I started writing this earlier and it was titled “I still haven’t exchanged”:

But hopefully it will be today. The issue is, as usual, on the seller’s solicitors side. We’re waiting for a statement so I know what I need to pay (management fees, ground rent) and stuff like that. 

My mortgage completed today though which is good. I need to check how much the first payment will be and when it will come out. 

I got upset this morning. Over porridge again. Don’t ask me why. I came down and was going to make my own porridge. I just wanted to do it myself and Ben insisted on making it himself. I should probably just have sat down and let him get on with it. I’ll have plenty of occasions to make my own breakfast but it really got to me. 

I got the call while I was in the loo. I had to hurry out of the toilets and run outside so I had reception and they told me that Id exchanged! Yippee!!!

I feel relieved that it’s finally happened. 

I’m in Tescos car park having just bought myself some tobacco, some lunch and some cakes for the office (and for me – well it’s a celebration!). 

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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