Ready to exchange

We are nearly there. I have paid my deposit. I have signed and sent back all of my paperwork. We have everything we need to exchange. By we of course I mean me or I. 

We (the seller and I) should have exchanged today but the seller’s solicitors needed to send over a Statement of balance to be paid but they are useless and haven’t done it. But hopefully it will be tomorrow. 

My solicitors have sent off to my mortgage company for the funds and we are due to complete on Wednesday 18th (next week). 

Tonight I cleared my dressing table as I’m selling it as it is too big for my new flat. This made me feel a little bit sad. Slowly my old life is being chipped away – to make way for the new life – I need to keep remembering this but it’s hard sometimes. Sometimes all you can see is loss and sadness and things ending. 

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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