It’s not about porridge

Had a row with Ben this morning and ended up in tears. Great start to the day. The row was over porridge. I was going to make myself some but Ben had already started making it. We argued over what milk to use – semi or full fat and he wanted to measure the oats and milk and I just chuck it all together and make it work.

But the truth is it wasn’t about porridge at all. It is about the fact that he doesn’t care for me anymore (or at least not in the way he used to). He cares for someone else.

And sometimes, even though I know that this is probably right and for the best and the future really will be good…. even though I know this, it still really really hurts.

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  1. Anonymous on January 23, 2015 at 22:20 said:

    The only thing i observe from this is that you guys have been together too long to remember the first encounter. We often meet and greet others in he most polite manners as it may be the first time we have met or simply people that we seldom bump into. Where I am going with this is if we continue to treat each other as we did from the very start. We will forever feel confident and loved within our relationships. As for your situation, I cannot assume that him having met or loving someone is true. But when the respect is gone. No matter the circumstance we will always assume the worse. In your case I hope it is not that way. If he seems distant, rude or cold. Treat him with kindness apposed to resentment. He will. Soon realize that he is no longer the person you once new and hopefully change his attitude toward your relationship. If in your case as you say” found someone else” you need to get to the bottom of it in finding out if your relationship is worth fighting for. If that the case then approach the problem. When you say you know and it hurts may mean that although it’s true you love him so much as to stay in an unhealthy relationship. So my advice to you is try eliminate confrontation and instead respond positively to things that seem to lead to a disagreement. He may be finding a way for you to resent him as the love he once had for you still lingers but he is too weak to hurt. You. Try something new tomorrow morning and instead get up early enough to serve him as you would have hoped him do for you. Good luck and no good comes from revenge.
    Sharleen Seethal.

  2. Tammy on January 23, 2015 at 22:54 said:

    Big hugs lovely, this is the first time you have alluded to the fact that Ben has someone else, it must be very hard regardless of what is for the best. Xxx

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