I’ve just been to the gym

I’ve just been to the gym. I made a bit of a snap decision this evening before leaving work. I decided that it was time to get myself fit. I lost about half a stone after Ben told me that he wanted to split up and I have just about managed to keep it off and I feel pretty good in my clothes but I’d like to be firmer, fitter.

A while ago I had a couple of personal trainer sessions at Studio 1 gym in Aldershot. Mark, the guy that owns it, is really nice and while the gym, when you first walk in, looks a bit daunting – lots of very fit guys (and girls) working out hard – the reality is that everyone is really nice and they will really look after you. And work you hard!

I had my first session – it wasn’t booked in or anything but Mark pointed me in the right direction and I had a really good work out (for someone who hasn’t done any exercise in about 4 months).

I’m booked in to go back on Monday and Tuesday for a couple more sessions. I’m going to be seeing Lisa Suarez who seems absolutely lovely – link to her website here. I can’t wait for my first session with her. Here is her card if you are local and fancy giving her a call.


Here are a couple of pictures of me now. So I have something to compare it with in a few week’s time.



Watch this space!

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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