Baby Stuff – Some thoughts on what you need when having a baby

Firstly, ask I want to say straight out that I have no intention of having any more children. This post is inspired by a friend of mine who is having her first baby soon and so I thought I would try to share a little wisdom.


Also, with my recent split from my husband I’ve been thinking a lot about the past and about the things we’ve done together. The most obvious of those is making two beautiful children.

baby pics



So, onto baby stuff. What do you need when you are having a baby? Well, in my opinion you can make do without a lot of the things companies try to sell you or people will buy you. When baby first comes along what you need most is wipes and nappies. The best brand of wipes I found were the ones you get at Lidl. They are slightly wetter (but at the same time stronger) than other brands so they are great for big messy poos!


Furniture-wise, you don’t need a huge amount when baby first comes home. We had a baby hammock with Joshua but for the first few weeks he slept in a moses basket by the side of my bed.

moses basket


I think it wasn’t until 4 weeks or so that he eventually went into the hammock.




And then another 2 weeks we put him in his own room. So you need a cot of some kind for when they are ready to leave your side. There really is no point trying to put them in their own room or even their own bed for the first week, in my opinion, because they wake up so often needing feeding – you may as well save yourself some energy by having them as close as possible.


A lot of the things you need, you can get either cheap or free by looking on sites like Gumtree and Facebook selling groups (you can find ones in your local area). But one thing I would advise to research carefully is pushchairs. Our first pushchair was a Quinney Buzz. It did everything. It had a cot attachment which was great for walks so Joshua could have a nap lying down, it had a car seat attachment which was great because he would fall asleep in the car and then we could just gently lift him out and either carry him inside or click him into the buggy to go to the shops or something. However, it was very bulky and you needed quite a lot of boot space. You really need to find what works for you. A good brand is of course Silvercross. They make all sorts of different pushchairs so they would be a very good place to start looking.


One thing that every expectant mother-to-be can get excited about is the nursery. I got my sister to help decorate our nursery with a sea scene. Painstakingly painting every wave, fish, whale and deserted island took a few weeks and I have to say I didn’t help as much as I would have liked – being about to drop:




If you are not feeling quite as energetic as that, you can get all sorts of ideas online.


To summarise, I would just like to say to anyone having a baby: don’t sweat it. You will be fine. Anything you forget (unless its wipes or nappies – because you REALLY don’t want to run out of those) you can pick up (or send hubby or family out) later. There is bound to be a Mothercare near you. And finally: enjoy the baby stage. It’s over before you know it!!!


Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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