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November’s book to review for Parragon Book Buddies was The Diggers by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Antoine Corbineau.

I knew this book would be a hit with my 6 year old son Joshua as soon as I saw it. Because, well, its got diggers in it. Need I even write anymore? Yes? Dammit, thought I got away with it.

So, yes, my son loves this book. It starts with lots of different scenarios of things digging: a mole, a dog, a worm, a rabbit, a mouse… you get the picture. Then the story moves onto a man digging a hole. But he is struggling because the hole is too small. Then along comes a digger. A big yellow digger! What’s not to like?! So the digger digs a long hole under the city. And a train goes in it. And I’m not going to give the ending away.

The illustrations are great – really colourful and busy. I really recommend this book for anyone who has a little boy (or a little girl) who loves Diggers!




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