Liebster Award

Wow. Its been a long time since I’ve been nominated for anything so I am very chuffed to have been nominated for this “Dearest” Award (that’s what Liebster means apparently). Thank you Paola from My Unsettling Life for nominating me.

The rules:
– Link back to the blog that nominated you in your post
– Answer the 10 questions they gave you
– Give 10 new questions for your nominees
– And obviously nominate 10 new bloggers
– Comment on this post when you´re done, so we can follow the trail
I’m just gonna get right to it. Here are the questions Paola gave me, with my answers:
  1. Best movie ever? Pretty in pink. 
  2. Best book ever? Les Miserable – I read it when I was a teenager. It was a bit of a mammoth to read but it is an AMAZING book. I have tried to read it since but never managed to stick to it. 
  3. What song describes you the most? So Unsexy by Alanis Morissette – because it tells about how she can be beautiful and ugly (in her own eyes), difficult, kind, all sorts of things and how small things can completely change the way she thinks. And that’s me down to a tee. 
  4. If you could meet all the bloggers of your interest, where and how would it be? I’ve done it. At Britmums Live (2014 and 2013, and booked for 2015 too)
  5. Does your blog look and feel the way you planned it in your head? If not, how would it be different? I didn’t really plan my blog. I just started writing. I do wish I was a bit more organised in joining in with things and planning my blog posts rather than just writing a long spiel about how I’m feeling on that particular day. 
  6. Beach or mountain? Beach – even though I don’t really like beaches – its the heat I like. I’d rather have a nice swimming pool to lie around in or next to. Mountains are cool too but I imagine being on a mountain would involve some trecking or climbing and I don’t think I’d like that
  7. Day or night? Day – if its a day when I get to do anything I want to do. If not, then night, when the kids have been put to bed and I can relax finally! 
  8. Have you ever been in a horrible break up that when you remember, it has actually become funny? Tell us about it. No, not really. I met my husband at 18 and am still married to him. 
  9. What is your biggest fear? I don’t think I could even put this into words. Its probably the same as any mother’s worst fear. Something happening to your child or children. I’ll just leave it at that. 
  10. What is your strongest quality? I am not sure. I asked a friend and she said “your kindness and your sense of humour”. So there you go. Thanks Daisy. 

My nominees are:

  1. Rosie from PND and Me
  2. Vicky from Around and Upside Down
  3. Beth from Plastic Rosaries
  4. Serena from Bewildered Bug
  5. Leslie from Old Man Leslie’s Blog

Sorry I can only nominate 5 as that was hard enough and I’m running out of energy! 5 fab bloggers up there. I have my various reasons for nominating them, which I won’t go into in detail – but they all deserve this award for being nice, kind, strong and genuine people.

Here are my questions for my nominees:

  1. Favourite drink (you can give two answers – non-alcoholic and alcoholic if you drink it)
  2. First pet’s name (and a little about him/her)
  3. Favourite movie trilogy
  4. Your proudest moment
  5. UK holidays or foreign climes
  6. Favourite naughty treat (e.g. mine is Nutella from the jar)
  7. Where do you run to when you need to escape?
  8. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be
  9. Conversely what is your favourite thing about you (can be body part, can be aspect of your personality)
  10. Other than your partner and kids, who is your next favourite person in the whole wide world? and why.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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