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As do most of my ideas, this one came like a bolt out of the blue and I could think of little else. I was thinking about the Lego Advent calendars which were a HUGE hit with my kids and I thought, I should have got myself an advent calendar – a chocolate one. And then I thought, maybe me and Ben could play a game – that we each do something nice for each other each day of December.

A little while ago my husband and I had some problems which we have been working on. I think I am most guilty of neglecting him and not thinking about him and what he would like (mainly because what he wants usually involves sex) but also because I’ve been struggling with starting new medication and its meant that I wasn’t really capable of doing much. But I’ve been trying to start doing more. Starting with my small steps plan to make myself feel good by remembering to put a little makeup on – even if its just mascara.

So back to doing nice things. Its really easy to forget about your other half and for them to forget about you. But this is a chance to really think each day of a nice thing that you can do for your other half. Even if its just making them a nice cup of tea or buying them a bar of chocolate on your way home from work. You can be as inventive as you want.

I thought this was a nice idea and I wanted to share it with others so we can play off each others ideas. So I’ve made it a linky. If you want to join in, either write a blog post to add to the linky, or share a photo on Twitter or Instagram (make sure to add the hashtag #showurloveadvent).

I’m not sure if I’ll just leave this page active or add a new one each day – depends how popular it is really.

I do hope you join in!

edit: What I will do is I will update this post with what my husband and I do (assuming its clean – haha) each day. 

1st – Me: my plan is to do something my husband likes. I’ll say no more. Hubby: he got me  a flake! Yay

2nd – Me: bought him a nice bottle of beer. Hubby: made me a bacon sarnie

4 Thoughts on “Show Your Love Advent Linkie #showurloveadvent

  1. Hey, I nominated you for the Liebster award!
    Check out the post explaining what you have to do

  2. So glad you’re giving this a go! I would join but for it being a relationship linky – I’m still in doubt about mine even after eight years!! 🙂 Xx

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