The Bully & The Shrimp Book Review @ParragonBooks

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Bully Shrimp


Ages ago (I feel I’m always apologising for the lateness of my reviews – oh well, better late than never) I was sent this lovely book by Parragon Books: The Bully and the Shrimp by Catherine Allison and Kim Geyer.

This is a charming book with a serious theme to it. It is about a little boy called Noah Shrimpton who encounters a bully when he starts at his new school. The story details the things the bully does and how it makes Noah feel. Noah makes a new friend called Ellie who makes him feel a little better about the bully, whose name is Connor. However, the bullying continues. Eventually Noah plucks up the courage to stand up to Connor with the help of Ellie. In the end, Connor realises that what he was doing was wrong and he comes up and says sorry to Noah.

When I read this to my children at bedtime, they listened intently. I feel this is because they have already experienced a little bit of bullying – and I think my son may have even instigated some himself – although it was resolved and he said sorry. They were immediately interested by the topic. I really recommend this book. My kids love it and I’m sure all kids will identify with it. Lala even went to bed with it:




One Thought on “The Bully & The Shrimp Book Review @ParragonBooks

  1. Angela ugo okorie-martin on May 8, 2015 at 17:32 said:

    This is a good book for all ages,it will help children to know how to deal with bullies when they come their way. Noah Shrimpton went through a lot of stress in the hand of his classmate named Connor who starts picking on him from the first day in his new school. Although, when Connor realizes his ignorance at the end, he apologies to Noah.

    I like the fact that Noah was able to stand up for himself and put his bully to stop.The most important thing that the authors Catherine Allison and Kim Geyer want us to know in this book is that when we are being bullied, it is our responsibility to have confidence and the ability to stand up for ourself.Therefore, If we dont stop people from bullying us , nobody will do that for us. My two boys JNR and Chinedum love this book so much to the extent that they put it into play.

    The language is very simple with short paragraphs, its such a colorful book with a lot of images that potray the actual story. I recommend that every family should have this book in their library. Thanks to the authors for exposing the hidden parts of bullying and how to defeat them, bullying has cause a lot of death in our children’s life, therfore we need more book like this to teach our children how to fight back and stop others from bullying them.
    – Angela Ugo okorie-martin. Houston Texas

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