Some thoughts on my first week and a half on Quetiapine

So I’ve been on Quetiapine for a week and a half. That means no alcohol for that long. And I stopped taking Citalopram last Friday too. So I guess my body is probably a bit all over the place.

On the whole, it’s not been too bad. The first week on Quetiapine I had to work from home because the new drug made me so drowsy. I’m now back at work since yesterday (although I also went to work last Friday after my doctors appointment). But this week is the first week that I’ve been in the car by 8am to drive to work. I have had a bit of drowsiness in the mornings but felt more or less okay to drive. I haven’t been getting up early to go swimming. I’ve just decided to give that a miss until I feel better in the mornings. Hopefully I will. I’ve been keeping track of my symptoms and feelings in a diary/chart. Mostly I’ve just been feeling groggy and a bit headachy. The last few days I’ve started getting hot-sweats – worse at night but now also experiencing them during the day. I’ve struggled to cope with the children when they were being difficult. I had to put them to bed one evening when Ben & Bella were out at the gym and I totally lost it with them. I had to leave the room to calm down.

The lack of alcohol has actually been less of an issue than I thought. Before when I’ve tried to give up drinking I guess I’ve always known that I could just change my mind (and often did). But the doctor/pharmacist gave me strict instructions that I am not to drink alcohol and I am not about to put the chance of this medicine working properly at risk. I need this to work. And if not this, then whatever they try next if this doesn’t work. So I have been taking it very seriously. However, I also know that I need a treat at the end of a hard day or week. So I have played with different “fake” drinks. I discovered that tonic and lime tastes near enough like a gin and tonic. And it works even better if you get your husband to “pretend” to pour some gin in the glass (you get him to leave the lid on the gin before he pours – its all in the mind, see). Also I looked up the recipe for virgin margueritas and last weekend bought myself all the stuff that I needed. All it is, is lemon/lime squash, orange juice, crushed ice, and if you wish, a dash of fizzy water.

Very successful parents association admin meeting so celebrating with a #nonalcoholic margherita as way too buzzed to go to bed!

Homemade #nonalcoholic strawberry margarita

The last one is a strawberry flavoured one. They were both yummy.

I’m in bed now as I’ve had a busy day and I really should take my pills earlier than I have been. Last night I was out at a meeting for the school parents association and I didn’t leave there until 10pm and was feeling a bit buzzed when I got home (excited about all the stuff I have to do for it) so stayed up for another half hour before going to bed to take my meds. But today was quite hard work. I was stressed at work – partly due to little annoyances during the working day. Nothing major but probably made worse because I was tired. And partly due to having to spend probably 40-50 minutes trying to get hold of and then speaking to the Inland Revenue about some underpaid tax. I just didn’t need to be spending my lunch break doing that. So tonight I vowed to have an early night. So it’s 9.35 and I took my meds 15 minutes ago approximately and I can already feel myself getting drowsy. I think I will sign off now and play a little Hayday on my iPad before I close my eyes.

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11 Thoughts on “Some thoughts on my first week and a half on Quetiapine

  1. I’m completely teetotal for as a personal choice so I’m afraid I can’t emphasise – although not drinking isn’t a big deal amongst my friends. They don’t really mind!

  2. I hope your body gets used to the medication soon and it is very nice to have a helpful other half with the mocktails.

  3. steve brain on November 29, 2014 at 21:47 said:

    hey keep up the good work times are tough for you now and i wont sugar coat stuff for you as its futile. You are going to have more hard times but they will diminish over time and so become less frequent. You will come out of this experience very enlightened and in touch not only with yourself but with the suffering of others. I have the utmost respect for how you are coping not only with your children but with work as well. If you can manage those two things then you can manage anything. Steve x

    • Thank you. Sorry for the delayed response. What a lovely comment. Don’t know what to say really. Other than thanks. I know things will improve, as well as go down again, but they will go well again after that. Does that make sense?

      • steve brain on December 1, 2014 at 20:07 said:

        yes makes total sense to me. Believe me this is totally beatable or certainly managable. I was naieve at first to think i can get back to 100% in no time but thats not the case its taken around 2 years to get to where i am now but im determined to show it can be beat. Theres always a catalyst to poor mental ill health you just gotta find yours and deal with it honestly and openly. You have to empty the skeletons look hard at your life and get it all out there then make a plan and stick to it. And assure you its bloody hard because how long it takes to get a definitive diagnosis you have more than likely suffered for years thats how it seems to go but we ignore it.

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