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I was recently asked to review Just Eat‘s food ordering service after some discussions around possible sponsorship of the PBloggers Event which sadly has recently been cancelled and now un-cancelled – I’m still not sure if it will go ahead yet as I’ve only sold one ticket. Anyway…..  Just Eat very kindly gave me a £20 voucher to spend on their service.

I used their app to order us a Pizza one Friday night. The process of ordering it was absolutely fine. I found a restaurant that I have used before. Ben & I picked what we wanted from the ordering screen and processed our order. That whole process was very easy and hassle free.

The only problem was that after a few minutes of placing the order, I got a call from the restaurant to say that they were out of Jalapeno Cream cheese (called Jalapeno poppers in other places) – which is strange as I have ordered from them numerous times before and they have never told me that they had run out. Must have been my unlucky day! Anyway, also when the order arrived, it was great – except that the pizza did not look like “thin crust” to me (see photos below and I will let you judge for yourself). It was yummy but it was not thin crust. But it did taste good and I couldn’t be bothered to complain. Also I ordered the chilli sauce instead of the normal tomato. While I like my chillis I think I prefer the normal tomato base. I know I’ve had barbeque base pizzas before and I didn’t like it. Instead of jalapeno poppers we ordered mozzarella sticks (a bit tasteless), chicken gougons (were okay but are just chicken nuggets basically and always remind me of kids meals) and spicy chicken wings – these WERE good. See pictures below of our yummy meal.

Thanks Just Eat for my meal. I will definitely consider using the app in the future. It was easy and its nice to see the choice that is on offer nearby. I will maybe pick a different pizza place next time.


Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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