Penpals at Home Review @CUPeducation

I was asked Cambridge University Press to review two books from the Penpals at Home series. I was sent the Getting Ready for Handwriting one and the Forming Letters one. I gave the Forming Letters one to Joshua who is nearly 6 and in year 1 at school and the Getting Ready for Handwriting one to Lala who is 4 and in year R at school.

The books really are great and have been a huge hit with my kids. They have shiny pages which you can write on with dry wipe pens and then wipe off again. The kids loved the idea that they can rub their markings off and start again. Joshua has really enjoyed practicing forming letters and I really think it has given him more confidence in practicing because he knows that if he doesn’t get it right, ampoule he can rub it out and start again! Lala has not done much writing yet so the book she got – which gets them to draw shapes and patterns – is perfect for her.

I highly recommend these books to anyone wanting to encourage their children to practice writing!! I’m so glad I was sent these to review as (due to my busy life and circumstances at the moment) I probably wouldn’t have gone out to look for them and buy them.

See below pictures below of them getting stuck in!



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