Yesterday’s interview – I got the job!

I went for an interview yesterday morning for a job doing SAP/Payroll stuff. The salary is pretty good – its a contractor role and the day rate is pretty good. I went for the interview feeling fairly confident. I know I could do the job but when I got in there I started to stutter (not really stutter, but I couldn’t get my words out and I couldn’t focus very well on talking about my experience in an ordered manner). I just didn’t feel like I sold myself very well. I kind of came clean about what happened in my last role – about them not feeling I was ready for a PM role etc even though the agency had told me not to tell them about that. Also I really felt towards the end that the man interviewing me (the boss guy) was losing interest in me – I felt he kept looking at the door or the clock and was keen to get rid of me. I gave them my forms that I had been asked to fill in (I had to prompt this – I thought if they had been interested they would have asked me for them) and my passport and he went to photocopy it. And when I asked them what the process was after this (ie how soon would they let me know), he said that they had a few more people to interview and it would probably be next week. I kind of took this as a sign that they weren’t interested as the agency had told me that they would probably let me know right away.

I came out of there feeling like I had really screwed it up. I sat in my car and cried. Then I rang the agency lady and told her what had happened and that I really didn’t think I’d got it! Then I went back to work – I’ve been temping in a call centre this week answering phones. I walked in there feeling so low and every call that I answered was a struggle.

I took lunch just after 12 as I couldn’t face staying there any longer even thought I had only got in at about half 10. I chatted to Ben on Facebook and told him how low and desperate I was feeling. He said to go out to Costa or somewhere and ring round all my agencies. I had a low fat ready meal that I was in the process of cooking in the microwave but it really didn’t look nice and I just thought “sod it” and threw it in the bin, intending to treat myself to a panini in Costa and as I headed out the door to the car, I got a phone call from the agency. I answered the phone and the lady at the agency said “Hi Abi. You know how you said you thought it had gone really badly? Well, it can’t have gone that badly because they have offered you the job.

I was so shocked. I really didn’t think I would have got it! So pleased and happy.

7 Thoughts on “Yesterday’s interview – I got the job!

  1. Well done you! Congrats on the new job!! x

  2. Congratulations – that’s really good to hear! It’s always so horrible feeling like you mucked an interview up so it’s really nice to hear that you got it!

    Emma |

  3. Very pleased for you! ☺

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