Day of my appointment #pbloggers #mentalhealth

Its the big day. I have my appointment at 2pm. I’m going over to Daisy’s house in a minute to talk about things before we head to the place.

I’m nervous. I don’t want to go, even though I know I need to. I’m nervous. I want it to end up in a useful result – a useful form of treatment, a change in medication, some form of diagnosis if possible. Just to be going somewhere. But I’m so nervous, scared even! Scared that they will say there is nothing wrong with me (even though I know that that is extremely unlikely), scared that they will give me a scary diagnosis (but even that would be good I guess cos then I would know where I was). I don’t know how I feel really. Just a huge bundle of emotions.

I’d better get going and get round to Daisy’s house.

One Thought on “Day of my appointment #pbloggers #mentalhealth

  1. Hope it goes well, I know how you feel x

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