Things have happened at home and at work. I’m don’t even know where to start but I still have a job and a family. For now.

I know what I know. I need to start thinking about my family and looking after my house. Not the house. My house. The one that I live in. Helping out and doing my share. I need to stop lying about things. About how I feel about things, about money, stop taking time off work and not telling my husband.

I also know how I feel. I feel broken. Hurt. I feel like I’ve been a waste of space. I feel like my dreams have been doing nothing for me. I feel like everyone would be better off without me.

I want to get past this. To feel better about myself. I want to get back to feeling like a normal human being, a normal wife and mother.

I’m going to try. But it’s hard.

4 Thoughts on “Broken

  1. We are all here for you. On your blog or Twitter. Don’t write yourself off, or beat yourself up. Just take one step in the right direction. And then another…
    We’ll help you over the stepping-stones. ☺

  2. I hope things are better for you soon! Hugs x

  3. Look for the positives in your every day, they are there!! I’d love to connect and chat with you more if your willing my email is We can be E buddies!! Jope to hear from you soon x

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