Money update 3

I'm sitting in the cafe at Sainsbury's just trying to spend my lunch break out of the office instead of sitting at my desk.

As it is now a new week, try I have £40 for the week. Which I'm going to divide up by day. I also managed to get through the weekend with £10 leftover! So I came to Sainsbury's to buy a few snacks for work (low carb ones as am on a low carb diet). I spent £6.40 on food (mixed nuts, illness salami & sliced chicken) and bought myself a coffee (£2.25) so I could sit down and relax for a bit. If I go out tomorrow lunchtime I won't spend any money as I have plenty of food/snacks for a few days. I also put back a block of Stilton id picked up. I decided I didn't really need it and it would have used up more than 2 days money.

I'm kind of proud of myself. I know I could have avoided spending any money whatsoever but I needed to get out of the office and if I was busy I could do without snacks but I'm not and, health while I know it's not good to snack just because you're bored, I don't feel like I can do anything about that right now.

On another subject, I had my 3 month review this morning. There wasn't a lot to it to be honest. I need to fill out a form and we discussed issues around holiday that I hadn't understood.

There are quite a lot of mums and babies in the coffee shop today. I guess there always are but I'm feeling like I don't know what the point of this job is. I've always felt like I should be doing something I'm passionate about and none of my jobs, if I'm honest, have done that for me. Not like I feel when I am getting stuck into arranging my PBloggers Event or attending Blogger events or even writing in my blog. Thinking about it fills me with sadness. I know work is not the be all and end all of life but I feel like I'm wasting a good 8 hours a day of my life. A well-paid waste but a waste nevertheless!

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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