PBloggers Meet Up in October

I am very excited to announce that I have now set a date for the PBloggers Meet up in October – see the PBloggers post about it. If you are not sure what I’m talking about check out the PBloggers Network Site About Us page. A very short explanation follows:

PBloggers started as a Twitter Chat. A group of us were chatting about how there seemed to be many Twitter chats (where you use a hashtag – basically a word with # in front of it on Twitter to start a conversation). Often these will be focussed at a particular time of the day and people getting involved keep an eye on the feed by searching the hashtag on Twitter or using Tweetdeck (which I use – its much easier if you follow multiple ones and use multiple Twitter accounts). So between us we started our own. Then we started a blog to write down the results of the chat each week. One by one, the other people dropped out. Then I got some more people on board, who eventually decided they didn’t have the time either. Now it is just me and Laura from Max and Mummy. Simon from Spade Fork Spoon recently also joined us to chip in when he could.

Ever since going to Britmums Live in 2013, I have wanted to host an event for PBloggers. But it is something I honestly didn’t think would happen and now I’m actually organising it it kind of scares me!!! There is so much to think about – sponsors/brands, speakers, will I sell enough tickets? Will everything work out okay? I have so much to do…..

  • Write blog post on PBloggers blog – done
  • Write blog post on here – doing
  • Draft email to sponsors
  • Draft email to speakers
  • Schedule tweets

That’s just to start with! I’m very excited!

Click here to check out the Eventbrite page where you can also book tickets:

Eventbrite - PBloggers Meet-Up

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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