Too Much Sadness

I found out some very sad news today. A lady who teachers my daughter’s ballet class has told us that she has terminal cancer. I don’t know her very well and have only been to the class to watch a handful of times but I am so so sad for her and her family.

It seems like there is so much sadness around at the moment: people dying, babies lost, wars happening, people suffering. More often than not I don’t listen to the news because I feel too much sadness when I hear about all these bad things happening. And when it is about someone you know and you can imagine all too clearly how hard things must be for them and those close to them.

It put things into perspective? Yes, I suppose in some ways news like this makes you happy to be reminded that you should live life to the full and do the things that you enjoy doing and tell those close to you that you love them. On the other hand, it scares the hell out of me. When things like terminal illnesses happen to people you know, it shows me that I’m not safe. My family isn’t safe. This could happen to me too if it happens to normal everyday people that I know.

I wrote the above earlier this afternoon and wasn’t sure whether to post it or not. I’m in bed now. Its 21:18 and I’ve gone to bed because I’m feeling a little bit down. I took my Smashbook stuff into my bedroom with me in case the urge took me to start sticking stuff from my holiday in the book but I’m not feeling in the mood. I have my book too but I’m not sure if I’m feeling like reading either. I think just being in bed under my duvet in my room on my own might just be enough right now. I need some alone time. I maybe need to have a cry.

3 Thoughts on “Too Much Sadness

  1. I hope that having a cry helps – I sometimes find it therapeutic.

  2. Hugs to you! I always find a good cry helps x

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