Ready for School Big Workbook Review – Summer with Gold Stars! #SummerWithGoldStars #pbloggers @ParragonBooks

At Britmums this year, I came across the lovely people from Parragon Books and they gave me Gold Stars – Ready for School Big Workbook for my son Joshua who is nearly 6 – for him to use during our summer holiday. So while we were on holiday I gave him this book. It is called Ready For School Big Workbook (Ages 5-6 Key Stage 1).


First of all, Joshua’s reaction when I gave him this book (which is basically homework for during the holidays) was not the reaction I remember of myself when I was at school. He was SO excited. He got right into it. In fact, when our flight into Turkey was delayed he made a start on one of the exercises and was actually disappointed to have to stop midway through as we had to board our plane!

Joshua on the airport floor doing one of his exercises

Joshua really liked to focus on what he was doing.


Joshua concentrating on filling out the All About Me page!

He loves that there are spaces to draw as well as writing and maths exercises!

One of Joshua’s drawings – he was so excited to show me I couldn’t get a good picture!

I have counted up the number of pages Joshua has completed and it comes to 47 pages. That is not including some pages that are part filled in.

I’m so proud of my little man that loves the things he’s learning in school.

When he has finished with this book I would not hesitate to buy him the next one!


Joshua’s dog-eared well used book

To finish off, here is a short video of Joshua saying how he feels about the book!

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