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OK, 2nd post on this subject. See previous post if you didn’t read it already. 

Last night, after managing to not spend any money during the day, I put the £3.50 that was left in my purse in my savings tin. This morning I opened the little post-it packet that was in one of the sections of my purse allocated for today and the weekend, containing £20.
At lunchtime, I went to Sainsbury’s (I am finding that I need to go out every day – especially with work being quiet – it gives me a much needed break from the dreariness of the office). I needed to buy myself a couple of carb-free snacks to get me through the rest of the day as I ate my salad and nuts snack at midday. I wandered round the shop – phone calculator in hand, adding the price of things as I went, picked up some olives with manchego cheese and chilli, then passing the cheese section I got some Roquefort cheese (fancied strong blue cheese) and then I needed to get a bottle of water as the water in the office is horrible – very hard. As I was heading towards the water, I spotted the cocktail drinks. So I went to see if they had Marguerita mix, which I love and had on holiday. I looked at it. Picked up the bottle and then added the price to my calculator. It would have taken the total to over £10 which was half my money for the weekend. I thought to myself “we have drinks – beer and wine. Do I really need this?”. The answer was no, and that I’d rather save the money in case we do something at the weekend, so I put the bottle back on the shelf and deducted the price back off my calculator. I felt very proud. I even messaged Ben to tell him what I’d just done. Here is what I spent:
Evian water bottle – 2 Litre £0.84
Roquefort cheese £1.85
Olives & Manchego £2.30
Total: £4.99
That leaves £15 and some change in my purse for the weekend.
I can do this!!!





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