Have frozen my gym membership @NuffieldHealth

Have just been crying at the reception of Nuffield Health Centre. The staff there are so lovely. I’d come in for a swim and sauna, and also to freeze my membership as I’m just not using it enough to justify the cost right now. While I do love the place, I lost my mojo when I hurt my knees and I just haven’t got it back! The gym doesn’t do it for me. I keep timing my swims during the swim classes so all I can do is sit in the jacuzzi or sauna. Which while it is very relaxing, is not exactly exercise. So I’d decided to have a bit of a break from it. Maybe go for walks in the evening. I still have some guest passes so I could use the swimming pool occasionally using those. Anyway, so I started crying on the poor staff who were absolutely lovely. One of them (actually I know her through my SIL) suggested I try some of the more relaxing classes – yoga and Pilates and that kind of thing. I am definitely going to look into that and also plan my swims better.

I have until the end of July which is when I am paid up until and then from august onwards I won’t be a member anymore 🙁

Right, now must go have my jacuzzi based exercise session.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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