2 Carnivals, 1 mums drink, monty python & a football date

Its Sunday morning and I’ve got a busy day of doing NOTHING ahead of me. For once. Finally. At last! I’m so relieved. We were supposed to be at a birthday party later this afternoon but it has been cancelled due to chicken pox. While I’m very sorry for the little boy and his family and I know the kids would have had a whale of a time, I’m selfishly relieved that I get a day at home. It feels much needed after the couple of week’s I’ve just had. So this post is going to be a bit of a “how I’m feeling” post and also a bit of a “what we’ve been up to” post.

The last week or two have been both emotionally draining and busy. We’ve done two carnivals in a row (I walked the Farnham one with both kids last weekend, and both kids were in separate processions for the Hale one yesterday so I walked with Lala while Ben walked with Joshua’s school procession). Friday night I was at out at the pub having drinks with some of the mums from Josh’s school (the organisation of which turned out to be a bit stressful). I drank an entire bottle of wine (even though I didn’t feel that drunk at the time – I still feel like I’m suffering the effects). I am in fact having an alkaseltzer XS right this second to try to make my head feel a little better! Thursday night we went to see Monty Python Live at the O2 which was absolutely amazing and while I only had a couple of wines, we didn’t get home until gone 1am which is too late a night for me especially on a work night. Last weekend, after the Farnham Carnival, on the sunday we had a playdate with some of Josh’s friends which was great fun but I had a little too much to drink 0n an empty stomach which led to a bit of an emotional crash.

So I’m looking forward to a little bit of quiet time before we go to Latitude Festival in a couple of weeks. I’ll be blogging and tweeting about it using the hashtag #latitude so keep an eye out for that. Better get my organisey head back on and start planning for Latitude and Turkey holiday (we have one day in between so will need to be organised for Turkey before we head off to Latitude!



Hello Kitty Face Paint at the Hale Carnival


Joshua as a Pirate at Hale Carnival – he got a Face Painted beard and scar for the princely sum of 50p


My little monsters at Hale Carnival


Me, Ben, Bella & our friend Gordon at Monty Python


Joshua having ice cream at last weekend’s Farnham Carnival


Farnham Carnival


Hiding from the rain at Farnham Carnival


Yummy burgers at Farnham Carnival



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